Transiting Jupiter in strong conjunction with natal Venus

This transit is strongest
Jun 1, 2013 - Jun 19, 2013
(see details below)

The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets.

You are full of spiritual and optimistic energy in your relationships. Artistic endeavors will also flourish under the beneficial influence of Jupiter, which tends to expand and make more radiant whatever it comes into contact with. You will also feel a renewed sense of connection to higher purpose in terms of your values generally. And of course, love and romance will be given an extra boost right now, which can make for very pleasant time for you. It is a good time to get together with a significant other and connect with them on a soul-to-soul level, perhaps one of the better transits for this type of activity. If there have been lingering problems in some particular relationship, now would be a great time to try to work them out. You are never assured of success in these matters, but this time is extremely favorable to begin again with a loved one. It is also a great time for a fresh start in any type of art form that you may be involved with. During this transit you may also be quite social and gregarious. You may find yourself giving more parties than you usually even go to, and being at the center of attention of them as well! This is altogether a pleasant and enjoyable transit as well as one that can be productive of long-term benefits if you look ahead beyond the immediate pleasures of the moment.

This transit is strongest (within 2 degrees) from Jun 1, 2013 - Jun 19, 2013, especially Jun 10, 2013.

On 06/09/2013: Transiting Jupiter in strong conjunction (forming, 0.2 degrees) with natal Venus.


目前流年木星在五宮合我金星,不但如比,新月雙子也合我金星,豆瓣網的Susan Miller小組將五宮譯成真愛宫,我想,我的五宮大概是壞掉了吧!